13. dec. 2016 Posted by Eriks

A small sneak into my speech in Tallinn. I did it for Tallink group guys – Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Norway. Just a week before I noticed some airline campaign telling me that it is 14 times faster to get to Stockholm by plane than by ferry. It provoked some thoughts, like I’d rather spend 14 hours as free-range chicken than one hour being stuffed in a industrial chicken farm’
And so it went… Thank you for inviting and excellent organisation.


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  • by: Sabīne

    Somewhere on the road

  • by: Sabīne

    Sundays are for juicing #oranges #redoranges https://t.co/y3gWWqhJWa

  • by: Psyop

    How did you all get crafty with Day 5? -- #36DaysOfType https://t.co/3BNp55zH9o

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    @sku_dra @cepum_s @za_ne @mansLMT nee, man bija ar Tele2.

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    #Cartoons for your #Saturday by way of our latest campaign for @KaplanMCATPrep! -- https://t.co/fwVvdFCygD https://t.co/obO1dLdfta

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