Neil French. Riga.
Might be as well Mr. Voland.
21. sep. 2012 Posted by Eriks

Neil French has arrived, has spoken his word, has departed. And apart from losing his luggage, has left more in Latvia than he probably realizes. Not maybe left. Shared. Made an imprint. We at !MOOZ, are extremely happy to be involved in his visit. Certain things allow themselves to be passed further only as life grows rich with Knowledge. I'm writing the word Knowledge with a capital "K", which I generally avoid. This is kind of Knowledge you cannot download on Google. These are years, people, ups and downs that add richness and depth to what is to be said. How and why to speak as a human being (and how and why not as advertising page)? How you interact with audience? How to subtract? How not to fall in the trap of dividing advertising into "ethical" (selling wooden bicycles) and "evil" (selling beer)? Because ... Wait... Being in advertising and moralizing??? Think it througt guys and maybe you'll find out how much hypocricity is in the concept.

"As a bullfighter, bouncer and street-fighter I have around thousand scars on my body. Not a single one comes from advertising. It's just advertising. Kammon! It doesn't kill anybody. If you fuck it up – you fuck it up. Next time do it right. But if you'll fall in that mode "OMG, the world fell apart, I'll never get it right", you'll never get it right. Because of fear. And viewer is the first to smell it." Offtoppic: Neil also has a huge bondage gadgets collection, so we went to Sexystyle for a long-group-excursion. Hilarious! Thanks to @Bufetniece. No pictures, though. After Neil left I still cannot get rid of the feeling we experienced a short visit of Mr. Voland. That guy from Bulgakow's "Master and Margarita". He was just using one of his many identities. And Annushka has already spilled the oil.

Picture thanks to Uldis Ziedins @uldisz

Link with Neil's speech – Coming Shoon, will keep you updated.


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  • by: Marta

    Lai man ļoti piedod Prāta vētra, kā arī cienu Mumiņa piemiņu, taču vai nebūtu tikai normāli Ingaru beidzot uzskatīt…

  • by: Marta

    Rudenī un pavasarī ir tās dienas, kad tu mājās salsti nost. Šodien gribas sēdēt cimdos un šallē, kaut gan ārā saule.

  • by: Ēriks

    Tātad OIK samazinājumam tiks izmantota Latvenergo peļņa, kas citādi nonāktu LV budžetā sociālām vajadzībām. Tā viet…

  • by: Ēriks

    Vakar Kolkā jūra bija bez horizonta. Tā apmēram varētu izskatīties, ieejot viņsaulē.

  • by: Marta

    Pēdējā laikā man ir piesekojuši vairāki desmiti anonīmu profilu bez sekotājiem. Kā to saprast? Kaut kāda troļļu gvarde gatavo uzbrukumu?

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