Nature Morte with Crutches
or "Remote Working"
08. oct. 2015 Posted by Eriks

Since breaking some bones because of obviously ludicrous obstacles, it seems that I am not as essential a part of the !MOOZ process as I had imagined.  Work goes on, ideas go on, and if necessary, we can always sit down for a meeting at my house. Thank you, team.


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  • by: Sabīne

    Somewhere on the road

  • by: Sabīne

    Sundays are for juicing #oranges #redoranges

  • by: Psyop

    How did you all get crafty with Day 5? -- #36DaysOfType

  • by: Marta

    @sku_dra @cepum_s @za_ne @mansLMT nee, man bija ar Tele2.

  • by: Psyop

    #Cartoons for your #Saturday by way of our latest campaign for @KaplanMCATPrep! --

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