Kids are best therapysts
04. sep. 2013 Posted by Eriks

Kids are best therapists. They actually don't care if my dad is paralyzed. They race around the hospital in his wheelchair screaming and fighting. They race around the hospital WITH HIM sitting in his wheelchair. By fighting they also mean kicking him out of his bed and jumping over his barely-breathing chest weaving light-sabres. "I never felt so happy" my 87-old pa said. You see. It's not about compassion. It's very much about being equal. Respect is overrated. Involving is underrated.

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  • by: Mother London

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  • by: Ēriks

    @andrisblaka Turpat netālu ir.

  • by: Sabīne

    @dzeina stāvoklī?:) ja nē, gaidīšu kaut kur detalizētu aprakstu, kā tieši to var izturēt!

  • by: Sabīne

    RT @vanschneider: Damn this is smart.

  • by: Sabīne

    Šāda veida stāsti mani vienmēr ļoti fascinē. Jo it kā gribās, bet nevaru.

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