05. mar. 2013 Posted by Eriks

For past 46 years (yes, I'm 46), I have been hearing like 3 billion of "Change or die" manifestations.  From junior intern to a sadly late Steve Jobs.  I don't think that's true. Maybe I'm dead, I don't know. 

Yes, there are things that change by nature. Like clouds, or running water. Or rainbow. Nothing much else. Take a human DNA. It hasn't changed during past 100 000 years or so. Thank God it hasn't. Want changes? Nature did it for you. It's called Down syndrome. And here the list goes: mother's instinct, self-realization, wish to love and to be loved, instinct of self-protection, complex of inferiority, megalomania... What this all has to do with change? Nill. 

Or take a good old French cheese. Or good old French wine. Non-changeability is the only value behind their business model. Well, I do change my socks on daily basis. I change my wardrobe once in 3 years or so. Occasionally I change my hair-dresser and/or dentist (how badly a dentist must screw you up to make you change him?).  Well, if not Change what then? The word is "Persistency". With capital "P".  Memorize this word. So, when media says "Change Or Die" it really says like "Change your iPhone or die". Nope. Not going to. Yes, I do change my socks. I change tools, IT skills and abilities to navigate in latest "social platform". It's like changing dress. But nothing more. I don't change of what I am.. I still have my body, reputation and occupation. Can I replace the word "change" with "Growth"? Or maybe "Maturing"? When I speak to my father (86, paralyzed from neck down), I always think of change, and what it is, and is it essential to what you do? And he says "You've got a lot. Appreciate, son!".

Do I believe in change? No.

Do I believe in growth? Yes.

Big salute.


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