07. aug. 2013 Posted by Eriks

Very much like shit, “break” happens.

"Break" can mean “vacation”. It can also mean “the destruction of something”, “breaking through something”, “opening something”, “getting into a conflict with something”, or just "weird dance moves I'll refrain from even describing".

“Break” happened to one very particular wall in Berlin. “Break” happened to my friend @runcis' backbone, and since then he is tied to his automatic bed. Also, since then he has written some of the best poetry I know and has served as an opinion leader for some very leading opinion leaders in my country. Good or not, "break" has occurred to Da Vinci, Gandhi, Hitler, Mother Theresa, Caligula, Lennon, Kandinsky, Stalin, Picasso, Jobs, Mozart, Eames, Buffett, Hendrix, Gaudi, Lao Tzu, Breivik, and even that guy who designed plastic CD covers.

It happened to me last Thursday. Long story short, I told (not in a most polite manner, if honest) someone very significant to !MOOZ – along with whom we have won a bunch of clients, and money, and awards – about what, how, and why I feel. It was rough, it was straightforward, and it was offensive, which was not right. But –  emotions filtered out – “I approve this message”, as Obama would say.

It was a "break" in terms of a relationship, and a "shake" in terms of the atmosphere in the agency. It was also a "break" in terms of shaking up a routine model, which I might be the first to blame for.

Thou shalt work. Thou shalt deliver. Thou shalt respect the team.

In return, you will be recognised, you will be promoted, you will be rewarded, you will be pampered and, most of all, you will be loved. Not exactly in that order.

You know those news stories of seemingly lovely pandas tearing open a poor tourist's intestines once in 5 years or so? That's the case. Arrogance, laziness, ignorance, putting side-work above the daily one, and bigotry can be accepted for a long time, but then comes the "break". That's what eventually comes.

It’s not that I feel good. But I feel right. Or maybe just breaking through something.

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    @IvarsNeiders Datus studijā.

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