Welcome to our new homepage!
09. nov. 2011 Posted by Eriks

Hi! Here’s our new website.

Low-tech, old school, foolproof. So even I can get a grip on it.

God, the time has passed. We’ve all got older since that windy day in April 2003 when our first page was launched. Economies have collapsed. Wars have started and ended. Michael Jackson has gone. Fashions have changed. The iPhone has been invented. As for me – wrinkles and grey hair have happened. We’ve done some great work. We’ve done some sucking bad stuff too. We’ve won some Cannes awards. We’ve lost some clients. We’ve won some clients. What hasn’t changed is our belief in “The Idea”. We still don’t believe in Facebook, Twitter or “let’s go viral” per se. We believe in human insights. On a daily basis, we’re surrounded by loads of evidence that we still live in physical bodies. And, as long as I’ve got my physical body, I do advertising for other people who also live in their physical bodies. With instincts, emotions, complexes, worries, responsibilities, fears and cheers. We do think “digital” is no more than “pencil”. It’s the tool, not the aim. But, returning to my original message – yes, we’ve got a new website!

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  • by: !MOOZ

    Ātri fraktējam Gintu Bērziņu, Nordu, krānus, sliedes un dronus priekš case study vobleriem, kā tie izmainīja pasaul… https://t.co/fXed6Bwrnu

  • by: Ēriks

    RT @LADC_Adwards: Tā diena ir klāt – XII radošās izcilības festivāls #Adwards2017 pasludināts par atklātu! Sākusies darbu iesniegšana! http…

  • by: Ēriks

    Ja sarunvalodā pieņamam "let's get it straight", vajadzētu pieņemt arī "let's get it homo". "Let's get it homo: It's wednesday".

  • by: LADC

    Tā diena ir klāt – XII radošās izcilības festivāls #Adwards2017 pasludināts par atklātu! Sākusies darbu iesniegšana… https://t.co/EppGSiAjHL

  • by: Ēriks

    @Udensviirs @UlvisSilins Jebkāda, un we're fine with it. Kamēr nerunā pretī bioloģijai "dārgā, šorei dzemdēšu es". Viss cits ok

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