You are = You can
25. jun. 2012 Posted by Mooz

You are = You can. In other words, you exist, therefore you are able to.  The core essence of Citadele Bank. The only true local bank in Latvia. The underdog in terms of size, access to money and all resurces of advertising. Despite that Citadele is one of most successful and inspirational examples in Latvian business for past decade. You are = You can. So we started with most obvious yet shocking. Paralympic team. If those guys being paralyzed, blind, deaf can qualify for Olympics, I want to hear your argument why tou can't do it/afford it/own it. Thank you, Citadele! Rest will follow.

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TEDx Riga, Wrinkles
14. jun. 2012 Posted by Eriks

Yours truly at first ever TEDx Riga on "Wrinkles" or "Why It's Totally Ok To Try And Fail Like 1000 Times, But Why It's Also Not Bad Sometimes To Ask Your Dad Before".

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Mammadaba on Lurzer's
05. jan. 2012 Posted by Eriks

Just got newest Lurzer's Archive mag and, yes, we're on it with our beloved client's Mammadaba campaign. Congrats and huge thanks to Tomas, Pecis and everyone involved. 



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Latvian Contemporary Art Show
We're proud to be part of it
03. jan. 2012 Posted by Eriks

Is it art? Is it business? Should it provoke, should it sell, should it be funny, should it be shocking? Does it lead or is it led? One of largest collections of Latvian contemporary art is set up as the exhibition in the major art space in Latvia – exhibition hall "Arsenals". We're truly honored to be part of it.


As one art critic said – you may disagree with concept of advertising, but you cannot ignore its impact on culture. Thats what great advertising does.



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Consequently, Happy 2012!
24. dec. 2011 Posted by Eriks

This is to you – colleagues, partners, clients, friends, enemies, journalists, hipsters, oligarchs, praisers, critics, wives, bosses, preachers, teachers, celebrities, alkocholics, workaholics, followers, unwollowers, fallen and rised ones, and the rest of you. In othe words – to the crazy ones. 

May the Inspiration be with you!

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Welcome to our new homepage!
09. nov. 2011 Posted by Eriks

Hi! Here’s our new website.

Low-tech, old school, foolproof. So even I can get a grip on it.

God, the time has passed. We’ve all got older since that windy day in April 2003 when our first page was launched. Economies have collapsed. Wars have started and ended. Michael Jackson has gone. Fashions have changed. The iPhone has been invented. As for me – wrinkles and grey hair have happened. We’ve done some great work. We’ve done some sucking bad stuff too. We’ve won some Cannes awards. We’ve lost some clients. We’ve won some clients. What hasn’t changed is our belief in “The Idea”. We still don’t believe in Facebook, Twitter or “let’s go viral” per se. We believe in human insights. On a daily basis, we’re surrounded by loads of evidence that we still live in physical bodies. And, as long as I’ve got my physical body, I do advertising for other people who also live in their physical bodies. With instincts, emotions, complexes, worries, responsibilities, fears and cheers. We do think “digital” is no more than “pencil”. It’s the tool, not the aim. But, returning to my original message – yes, we’ve got a new website!

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Delicious moments in life
14. apr. 2011 Posted by
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  • by: Marta

    Lai man ļoti piedod Prāta vētra, kā arī cienu Mumiņa piemiņu, taču vai nebūtu tikai normāli Ingaru beidzot uzskatīt…

  • by: Marta

    Rudenī un pavasarī ir tās dienas, kad tu mājās salsti nost. Šodien gribas sēdēt cimdos un šallē, kaut gan ārā saule.

  • by: Ēriks

    Tātad OIK samazinājumam tiks izmantota Latvenergo peļņa, kas citādi nonāktu LV budžetā sociālām vajadzībām. Tā viet…

  • by: Ēriks

    Vakar Kolkā jūra bija bez horizonta. Tā apmēram varētu izskatīties, ieejot viņsaulē.

  • by: Marta

    Pēdējā laikā man ir piesekojuši vairāki desmiti anonīmu profilu bez sekotājiem. Kā to saprast? Kaut kāda troļļu gvarde gatavo uzbrukumu?

  • 06. apr. 2018 by: !Mooz

    Kā kino, tā arī reklāmā – drāma, sprādzieni, mīlestība un dažkārt pa kādai vāverei.

  • 22. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz
  • 21. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Here we see some mysterious personality doubling and that, even for the Spirit of the Port of Riga, not everything is easy. But we got things done and it sure was a great adventure.

  • 19. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    817 years old and still hard at work every day. The client, the Port of Riga, wanted a people-oriented story. So we present the personification of the Port of Riga, strong and youthful, a nice guy, who is one of us, just doing his job. History meets the future, power bonds with experience!

  • 06. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    !Mooz's cover photo