05. mar. 2013 Posted by Eriks

For past 46 years (yes, I'm 46), I have been hearing like 3 billion of "Change or die" manifestations.  From junior intern to a sadly late Steve Jobs.  I don't think that's true. Maybe I'm dead, I don't know. 

Yes, there are things that change by nature. Like clouds, or running water. Or rainbow. Nothing much else. Take a human DNA. It hasn't changed during past 100 000 years or so. Thank God it hasn't. Want changes? Nature did it for you. It's called Down syndrome. And here the list goes: mother's instinct, self-realization, wish to love and to be loved, instinct of self-protection, complex of inferiority, megalomania... What this all has to do with change? Nill. 

Or take a good old French cheese. Or good old French wine. Non-changeability is the only value behind their business model. Well, I do change my socks on daily basis. I change my wardrobe once in 3 years or so. Occasionally I change my hair-dresser and/or dentist (how badly a dentist must screw you up to make you change him?).  Well, if not Change what then? The word is "Persistency". With capital "P".  Memorize this word. So, when media says "Change Or Die" it really says like "Change your iPhone or die". Nope. Not going to. Yes, I do change my socks. I change tools, IT skills and abilities to navigate in latest "social platform". It's like changing dress. But nothing more. I don't change of what I am.. I still have my body, reputation and occupation. Can I replace the word "change" with "Growth"? Or maybe "Maturing"? When I speak to my father (86, paralyzed from neck down), I always think of change, and what it is, and is it essential to what you do? And he says "You've got a lot. Appreciate, son!".

Do I believe in change? No.

Do I believe in growth? Yes.

Big salute.


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Off Strategy
08. feb. 2013 Posted by Eriks

I do challenge the "strategy" approach to advertising. I think strategy has become a false idol which was at very heart of every bad advertising since 1990. Strategy was a great thing when it was a lighthouse.  It isn't anymore when it became a God to woship. As of nowdays "strategy" mostly means predictable > same > boring > invisible. Isn't advertising ment to surprise? Isn't it ment to cause this WOW I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN factor? If everything is on strategy, nothing is on strategy. Where's the miracle, dude? Nature doesn't have a strategy. Love doesn't. I'd wish to see 100 bright off-strategy ideas rather than 100 on-strategy mediocricities. Can "Surprise me!" become a strategy once again? Thank you very much, strategist haters welcome.

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Price for being safe
16. jan. 2013 Posted by Eriks

This fine Faberge-craft-like creature is radiolaria. Its size is up to 0,22 mm. It is the most cautious creature in the world. It has not changad during past 160 millions of yeaars. That is the price it has paid for being safe.


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Neil French. Riga.
Might be as well Mr. Voland.
21. sep. 2012 Posted by Eriks

Neil French has arrived, has spoken his word, has departed. And apart from losing his luggage, has left more in Latvia than he probably realizes. Not maybe left. Shared. Made an imprint. We at !MOOZ, are extremely happy to be involved in his visit. Certain things allow themselves to be passed further only as life grows rich with Knowledge. I'm writing the word Knowledge with a capital "K", which I generally avoid. This is kind of Knowledge you cannot download on Google. These are years, people, ups and downs that add richness and depth to what is to be said. How and why to speak as a human being (and how and why not as advertising page)? How you interact with audience? How to subtract? How not to fall in the trap of dividing advertising into "ethical" (selling wooden bicycles) and "evil" (selling beer)? Because ... Wait... Being in advertising and moralizing??? Think it througt guys and maybe you'll find out how much hypocricity is in the concept.

"As a bullfighter, bouncer and street-fighter I have around thousand scars on my body. Not a single one comes from advertising. It's just advertising. Kammon! It doesn't kill anybody. If you fuck it up – you fuck it up. Next time do it right. But if you'll fall in that mode "OMG, the world fell apart, I'll never get it right", you'll never get it right. Because of fear. And viewer is the first to smell it." Offtoppic: Neil also has a huge bondage gadgets collection, so we went to Sexystyle for a long-group-excursion. Hilarious! Thanks to @Bufetniece. No pictures, though. After Neil left I still cannot get rid of the feeling we experienced a short visit of Mr. Voland. That guy from Bulgakow's "Master and Margarita". He was just using one of his many identities. And Annushka has already spilled the oil.

Picture thanks to Uldis Ziedins @uldisz

Link with Neil's speech – Coming Shoon, will keep you updated.


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Hyper Island
22. aug. 2012 Posted by Sabīne

It was the most intense learning experience ever - 3 full days all about how Internet and technologies have changed our perceptions and the way we communicate. I came back very excited and here are some main findings I want to share. Can be related to people, products, brands, companies.

When you are given answer, you don’t have to think any more.

It will never go back the way it was before. You can be either the one affecting it, or the one affected.

Ostrich's head in the sand is not a problem. The problem is that his ass is out.

Click here to read more

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1995. The first week
02. aug. 2012 Posted by Eriks

While flipping through my dad's album (the heavy, mysterously smelling thing you must hold with your hands, chest and chin for not letting it fall apart) I sudenly came across this. The first months of "advertising agency ZOOM!", later known as !MOOZ. The year was 1995. Square meters: 9. Equippment: 2 Mac Quadras. Raivo holds a fresh-produced cut-out 3M sticker for (as far as I remember) a theatre festival. Me taking care of new business. Yes, it was totally acceptable then to wear your shirt stuffed in your trousers. Apparently, we had higher moral statndards. Raivo successfully runs Magnum NT now. We have grown in size since then. I just bought a pair of jeans and I think it was 40 L.

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You are = You can
25. jun. 2012 Posted by Mooz

You are = You can. In other words, you exist, therefore you are able to.  The core essence of Citadele Bank. The only true local bank in Latvia. The underdog in terms of size, access to money and all resurces of advertising. Despite that Citadele is one of most successful and inspirational examples in Latvian business for past decade. You are = You can. So we started with most obvious yet shocking. Paralympic team. If those guys being paralyzed, blind, deaf can qualify for Olympics, I want to hear your argument why tou can't do it/afford it/own it. Thank you, Citadele! Rest will follow.

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TEDx Riga, Wrinkles
14. jun. 2012 Posted by Eriks

Yours truly at first ever TEDx Riga on "Wrinkles" or "Why It's Totally Ok To Try And Fail Like 1000 Times, But Why It's Also Not Bad Sometimes To Ask Your Dad Before".

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  • by: !MOOZ

    Ātri fraktējam Gintu Bērziņu, Nordu, krānus, sliedes un dronus priekš case study vobleriem, kā tie izmainīja pasaul…

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    RT @LADC_Adwards: Tā diena ir klāt – XII radošās izcilības festivāls #Adwards2017 pasludināts par atklātu! Sākusies darbu iesniegšana! http…

  • by: Ēriks

    Ja sarunvalodā pieņamam "let's get it straight", vajadzētu pieņemt arī "let's get it homo". "Let's get it homo: It's wednesday".

  • by: LADC

    Tā diena ir klāt – XII radošās izcilības festivāls #Adwards2017 pasludināts par atklātu! Sākusies darbu iesniegšana…

  • by: Ēriks

    @Udensviirs @UlvisSilins Jebkāda, un we're fine with it. Kamēr nerunā pretī bioloģijai "dārgā, šorei dzemdēšu es". Viss cits ok

  • 14. jul. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Second one from VUCA. In a world full of copy ̶c̶a̶t̶s̶ducks It's a tough job to be one and only you – different, strange, inmeasurable, ugly, but born with a stiff upper lip atitude. Good news is: at the end of day you will fly. Sky will be yours. Rubber ducks will end up stuck on redneks pickup hook. Thank you VUCA! And see you soon,

  • 07. jul. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Bankas aiziet – ilustrācija atgriežas! Jauns pensiju plāns apstrīd banku pārākumu, un mēs pievienojamies ar identitātes, logotipa un reklāmas izstrādi Indexo.

  • 06. jul. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Buņģis, Ceplis, melnie runči un augstprātīgie ķēniņi. Liekas, ka liela daļa latviešu literatūras tēlu sabiedrību ir iekodejuši, ka domāt par turīgumu un bagātību ir netikums. Vai mūsdienās tiešām biznesmenis tiek uzskatīts par sliktu cilvēku? Uz šo jautājumu atbildi centās noskaidrot Sarunu festivāls LAMPA sarunas “Vai biznesmenis ir labs cilvēks?” ietvaros. Paldies par šo sarunu Andrim Ozolam, Jānim Ošlejam, Ērikam Stendzeniekam, Mārim Beltem. Paldies arī par vadības grožu turēšanu Arnim Rītupam.

  • 26. jun. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Tāpat kā ratus taisa ziemā, bet ragavas – vasarā, mūsu filmēšanas grupa un Mans Rimi seriāla varoņi Jāņu dienai un citiem vasaras notikumiem gatavojās jau tad, kad tikko bija nokusis pēdējais sniegs un izsprāgušas pirmās lapas. Taču mēs, karstie latvieši, spējam iesildīt gaisotni jebkuros apstākļos!

  • 22. jun. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Kaut vai ar kazu, Bet lai nav par mazu! Līksmojiet un āzējieties, cik vien spējat! !Mooz : Pļavā viss ir atļauts! CSDD : Bet lai tas paliek pļavā.