Graphic designer wanted
28. apr. 2016 Posted by Eriks



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The practical side of advertising
21. apr. 2016 Posted by Vita

We all want our projects to be effective by all means, don’t we. Therefore this class for LADC students - a short glimpse in the backstage of cost accounting. Why the hourly rates are so high, how to see all the expenses and why finally everything costs a little bit more than expected. What is the drawback - there is no need to charge high prices for extra profits, but "what is earned - that is eared" and should go to the project developers. Just don’t be afraid to speak to your customers about money. The more often you do during the cooperation, the better it works for both sides. Just like any relationship.

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01. apr. 2016 Posted by Sabine

Creative approach to Account Management. How to deal with clients and creatives, so everybody stays happy. No great work is born out of anger. At the end it is all about attitude, self-confidence and empathy. Performed in LADC School and Universities across Latvia.


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15. feb. 2016 Posted by Eriks

It wasn't easy. Some of us went mad in the process. Some turned out to have been mad from the beginning. But overall the campaign turned out well. Keep calm. Freedom is here! Just5.


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Love. Pain. Victory. First 20 years.
02. dec. 2015 Posted by Eriks
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13. nov. 2015 Posted by Eriks

Discussions in the focus group are heating up today.


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Nature Morte with Crutches
or "Remote Working"
08. oct. 2015 Posted by Eriks

Since breaking some bones because of obviously ludicrous obstacles, it seems that I am not as essential a part of the !MOOZ process as I had imagined.  Work goes on, ideas go on, and if necessary, we can always sit down for a meeting at my house. Thank you, team.


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31. aug. 2015 Posted by Eriks

"The advertising is about a great deal that is fashionable today - a drawing on a skateboard, a new hashtag or a new social platform that always brings along the illusion that we will resolve all of the world's problems in this way."
Interview with Eriks Stendzenieks.

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  • by: Ēriks

    ADwards 2017. Make your own version of imperfect world and trying to be a better you into it.…

  • by: LADC

    Šis nu gan mums forši sanācis! Ja esi apveltits ar zināmu asprātības līmeni - piedalies!

  • by: LADC

    Ja #Adwards2017 vēlies iesniegt darbu, kas nav ticis realizēts, tas ir ne tikai iespējams, bet pat ļoti vēlams!…

  • by: LADC

    Sākot ar parītdienu darbu iesniegšana XII radošās izcilības festivālam #Adwards2017 kļūs dārgāka! Pasteidzies!…

  • by: Ēriks

    Uz terases izņēmuma kārtā nedauz vīna ar Sanda Bosson; arhitekti no UK. Reiņa Liepiņa 2 gadu ciešanas, sāpes un uzvaras ir Londonas līmenis

  • 23. aug. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Tā ir vieta, kur ir vislabākais interneta pieslēgums. Kur saņemsi visvairāk smaidu. Vieta, no kurienes vienmēr tikts augstāk. Mooz piedāvā biroja administratores vietu. Sūti savu pieteikumu uz līdz 6. septembrim.

  • 16. aug. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Kad Vilhelms Meisters nāk ciemos ar sociālo tīklu lekciju, pazib gar acīm pilnīgi visi jebkad publicētie ieraksti. Paldies par aizraujošo stāstījumu un padomiem. Liekam aiz auss.

  • 16. aug. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Kas ir pasaules labākā un vienkāršākā spēle? Pareizi, domino! Mēs to zinājām, tāpēc parādījām arī bērniem, ja nu gadījumā viņi vēl to nezināja, un pastāstījām, kur tikt pie foršākajiem domino kauliņiem ar mīļakajiem multeņu varoņiem. Mans Rimi

  • 14. jul. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Second one from VUCA. In a world full of copy ̶c̶a̶t̶s̶ducks It's a tough job to be one and only you – different, strange, inmeasurable, ugly, but born with a stiff upper lip atitude. Good news is: at the end of day you will fly. Sky will be yours. Rubber ducks will end up stuck on redneks pickup hook. Thank you VUCA! And see you soon,

  • 07. jul. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Bankas aiziet – ilustrācija atgriežas! Jauns pensiju plāns apstrīd banku pārākumu, un mēs pievienojamies ar identitātes, logotipa un reklāmas izstrādi Indexo.