Olympic Games
20. sep. 2016 Posted by Eriks

Mooz! has two projects that are related to the Olympic Games. The Latvian Olympic team is supported by Latvian State Forests, which is one of our clients, and our Paralympic team is supported by the Citadele Bank, ditto. Here we can see what we did together with Radio Latvia in producing comics which speak to the way in which nature inspired the development of sports. Learning all of these facts was a most educational process for our team. We’re much more fun now at parties! More about project here.


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Still angry, still alive
17. jun. 2016 Posted by Eriks

Well, here we are again!  This is the Road Traffic Safety Department’s annual campaign to prevent drunk driving. This is a problem that we face every year, particularly during Summer Solstice celebrations, and so we’re looking for more and more ways to stop drunk people getting into their cars. During the shooting of this clip, the couple had to cross the meadow at least 20 times, and the drunk guy had to fall into the barn at least 10 times. How tough! But so totally worth it!

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Graphic designer wanted
28. apr. 2016 Posted by Eriks



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The practical side of advertising
21. apr. 2016 Posted by Vita

We all want our projects to be effective by all means, don’t we. Therefore this class for LADC students - a short glimpse in the backstage of cost accounting. Why the hourly rates are so high, how to see all the expenses and why finally everything costs a little bit more than expected. What is the drawback - there is no need to charge high prices for extra profits, but "what is earned - that is eared" and should go to the project developers. Just don’t be afraid to speak to your customers about money. The more often you do during the cooperation, the better it works for both sides. Just like any relationship.

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01. apr. 2016 Posted by Sabine

Creative approach to Account Management. How to deal with clients and creatives, so everybody stays happy. No great work is born out of anger. At the end it is all about attitude, self-confidence and empathy. Performed in LADC School and Universities across Latvia.


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15. feb. 2016 Posted by Eriks

It wasn't easy. Some of us went mad in the process. Some turned out to have been mad from the beginning. But overall the campaign turned out well. Keep calm. Freedom is here! Just5.


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Love. Pain. Victory. First 20 years.
02. dec. 2015 Posted by Eriks
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13. nov. 2015 Posted by Eriks

Discussions in the focus group are heating up today.


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  • by: Marta

    Lai man ļoti piedod Prāta vētra, kā arī cienu Mumiņa piemiņu, taču vai nebūtu tikai normāli Ingaru beidzot uzskatīt… https://t.co/4cYy8VpMH4

  • by: Marta

    Rudenī un pavasarī ir tās dienas, kad tu mājās salsti nost. Šodien gribas sēdēt cimdos un šallē, kaut gan ārā saule.

  • by: Ēriks

    Tātad OIK samazinājumam tiks izmantota Latvenergo peļņa, kas citādi nonāktu LV budžetā sociālām vajadzībām. Tā viet… https://t.co/vmm2Ko1qbJ

  • by: Ēriks

    Vakar Kolkā jūra bija bez horizonta. Tā apmēram varētu izskatīties, ieejot viņsaulē. https://t.co/35pX9GeZK0

  • by: Marta

    Pēdējā laikā man ir piesekojuši vairāki desmiti anonīmu profilu bez sekotājiem. Kā to saprast? Kaut kāda troļļu gvarde gatavo uzbrukumu?

  • 06. apr. 2018 by: !Mooz

    Kā kino, tā arī reklāmā – drāma, sprādzieni, mīlestība un dažkārt pa kādai vāverei.


  • 22. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz
  • 21. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Here we see some mysterious personality doubling and that, even for the Spirit of the Port of Riga, not everything is easy. But we got things done and it sure was a great adventure.


  • 19. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    817 years old and still hard at work every day. The client, the Port of Riga, wanted a people-oriented story. So we present the personification of the Port of Riga, strong and youthful, a nice guy, who is one of us, just doing his job. History meets the future, power bonds with experience!


  • 06. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    !Mooz's cover photo