The Port of Riga. Making of the Movie
28. dec. 2017 Posted by Mooz!

Here we see some mysterious personality doubling and that, even for the Spirit of the Port of Riga, not everything is easy. But we got things done and it sure was a great adventure.

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18. oct. 2017 Posted by Ēriks


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Is a Businessman a Good Person?
07. jul. 2017 Posted by Ēriks

It really does seem that many characters in Latvian literature have encoded readers into thinking that wealth is immoral. Are businessmen today really seen as bad people?
Conversation at the festival LAMPA “Is a Businessman a Good Person?” with a participation of Andris Ozols, Ēriks Stendzenieks, Jānis Ošlejs, Māris Belte and the host of the debate, Arnis Rītups. Thanks to Latvian Investment and Development Agency.


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Donskoy Olimp
04. jul. 2017 Posted by Ēriks

O is the best letter, and mOOZ is aware of this. Now we’ve placed it in the centre of a campaign featuring Donskoy Olimp, a residential district in Moscow. The idea is that there is an O in all good things. It's as simple as that.


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08. mar. 2017 Posted by Eriks

We are proud to announce that apart from everything else we have become experts also in chemistry! Hard to believe? OK, we are exaggerating, but working with COVENTYA – one of the world’s leading surface finishing companies – we have significantly expanded our knowledge of chemical processes. It has also been a great honour to create the logo for COVENTYA 90th anniversary celebration.


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2017. Very small thing.
03. jan. 2017 Posted by Eriks

And we wish you this graphically tiny yet socially big difference in new year 2017. And year after. And another year after. And beyond.


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13. dec. 2016 Posted by Eriks

A small sneak into my speech in Tallinn. I did it for Tallink group guys – Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Norway. Just a week before I noticed some airline campaign telling me that it is 14 times faster to get to Stockholm by plane than by ferry. It provoked some thoughts, like I’d rather spend 14 hours as free-range chicken than one hour being stuffed in a industrial chicken farm’
And so it went… Thank you for inviting and excellent organisation.


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Nice try
31. oct. 2016 Posted by Eriks

There’s a theory that these buns and pastries are secretly paid by DDB with an intention to make us fat and lazy. And die of cardiac arrest. These sweet things appear again every morning, but no one’s ever seen paying for them.


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  • by: Marta

    Lai man ļoti piedod Prāta vētra, kā arī cienu Mumiņa piemiņu, taču vai nebūtu tikai normāli Ingaru beidzot uzskatīt…

  • by: Marta

    Rudenī un pavasarī ir tās dienas, kad tu mājās salsti nost. Šodien gribas sēdēt cimdos un šallē, kaut gan ārā saule.

  • by: Ēriks

    Tātad OIK samazinājumam tiks izmantota Latvenergo peļņa, kas citādi nonāktu LV budžetā sociālām vajadzībām. Tā viet…

  • by: Ēriks

    Vakar Kolkā jūra bija bez horizonta. Tā apmēram varētu izskatīties, ieejot viņsaulē.

  • by: Marta

    Pēdējā laikā man ir piesekojuši vairāki desmiti anonīmu profilu bez sekotājiem. Kā to saprast? Kaut kāda troļļu gvarde gatavo uzbrukumu?

  • 06. apr. 2018 by: !Mooz

    Kā kino, tā arī reklāmā – drāma, sprādzieni, mīlestība un dažkārt pa kādai vāverei.

  • 22. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz
  • 21. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Here we see some mysterious personality doubling and that, even for the Spirit of the Port of Riga, not everything is easy. But we got things done and it sure was a great adventure.

  • 19. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    817 years old and still hard at work every day. The client, the Port of Riga, wanted a people-oriented story. So we present the personification of the Port of Riga, strong and youthful, a nice guy, who is one of us, just doing his job. History meets the future, power bonds with experience!

  • 06. dec. 2017 by: !Mooz

    !Mooz's cover photo