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Discussions in the focus group are heating up today.


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Nature Morte with Crutches
or "Remote Working"
08. oct. 2015 Posted by Eriks

Since breaking some bones because of obviously ludicrous obstacles, it seems that I am not as essential a part of the !MOOZ process as I had imagined.  Work goes on, ideas go on, and if necessary, we can always sit down for a meeting at my house. Thank you, team.


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31. aug. 2015 Posted by Eriks

"The advertising is about a great deal that is fashionable today - a drawing on a skateboard, a new hashtag or a new social platform that always brings along the illusion that we will resolve all of the world's problems in this way."
Interview with Eriks Stendzenieks. https://vimeo.com/137581779

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20. jul. 2015 Posted by Sabīne

Of course we have Summer Sports Games. Like every decent company we feel necessity to celebrate our short and rainy Latvian summer with social gathering where everybody can show off their all year well trained (or whatever you have) bodies and ruin everything by getting totally drunk in the evening. We play Croquet and like our drinks to be numbered.

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LADC Street School
08. jul. 2015 Posted by Eriks

3rd gathering of LADC Advertising Street School tutors and lecturers. Proud to be part of it.
Marketing schools are good. But best advertising creatives come from somewhere else. Like from theatre wardrobes, nightshifts, pizzerias, gas-stations, bars, bouncers, rock-bands, plumbers, modern art. They work as stewardesses, bankers, metal band members, skateboarders, social service workers, unemployed or be in a state of mess about what they would do with their lives. But they have this genuine born ability to understand people and to talk to them. Alert minds, healthy cynics, quiet rebels, jealous introverts, brilliant misfits. They may secretly run a diary, or write blog, or draw, or observe, or watch, or listen and in general, are guided by overwhelming wish to communicate. Here’s the school for you. Run by some of best advertising pros in Latvia and Nordic region. Books are good source of knowledge. Scars of life are better.
Faculty: Zigurds Zakis, Eriks Stendzenieks (!MOOZ), Armands Leitis (Guilty), Didzis Paeglis (DDB), Raimonds Platacis (Abnormal), Valdis Ošiņš (DigitalGuru), Pēteris Līdaka, Aleksandrs Bētiņš (YR/Not Perfect), , Vairis Strazds (DDB), Mārcis Mikelsons (CUBE). And many others. Architects, musicians, scenographers, writers, painters, philosophers. Standing the human nature will do. Some of previous LADC schools are best in the market – Una Rozenbauma,Reinis Piziks, Renārs Liepiņš. Door is open. Advertising needs new genes of talent. For more check: http://ladc.lv/jaunumi/atlikusas-vien-2-nedelas-lidz-ladcskola-pieteiksanas-beigam-pasteidzies/

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Ingmar and Eriks
02. jul. 2015 Posted by Eriks

Managers come from school.
Strategic planners come from life.
Ingmar Janson, founder and ex partner of Scholz & Friends Berlin and Stockholm, and Naked Germany. Boxer, wrestler, biker, rocker, teacher, owner of a dog. 10 lions, 10 countries, 100 tattoos, 1000 scars.
Something’s brewing.

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04. jun. 2015 Posted by Eriks

When advertising ends we’ll start a church. Eriks Stendzenieks on Underdogs vs. Overdogs.
Sorainen Vision 2020 conference, IMAX theatre, Tallinn, Estonia.

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Kids are best therapysts
04. sep. 2013 Posted by Eriks

Kids are best therapists. They actually don't care if my dad is paralyzed. They race around the hospital in his wheelchair screaming and fighting. They race around the hospital WITH HIM sitting in his wheelchair. By fighting they also mean kicking him out of his bed and jumping over his barely-breathing chest weaving light-sabres. "I never felt so happy" my 87-old pa said. You see. It's not about compassion. It's very much about being equal. Respect is overrated. Involving is underrated.

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    RT @opera_balets: Skaista dāvana operas un baleta cienītājiem - mūsu kalendārs 2016.gadam! Nopērkams LNO kasēs un pirms izrādēm operā. http…

  • by: Psyop

    Is it true #holiday spirit if you don't own at least a couple of ugly needle-point sweaters? https://t.co/WU3q6Q1ZfC https://t.co/RfTyjdYTMr

  • by: Mother London

    @JTindall_ @CircleUK Thanks so much for your kind words - glad you liked it!

  • by: Mother London

    RT @JTindall_: https://t.co/nG3CE9Kd4v Beat Boxer. @motherlondon @CircleUK. Really hope you enter it into Creative Circle. Genius. https:/…

  • by: Sabīne

    @MarisRelins nevajag bēdāties, to var labot!

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    !Mooz's cover photo


  • 14. oct. 2015 by: !Mooz

    "Nature Morte with Crutches" or "Remote working". After breaking some bones due to obviously ludicrous obstacles it appears, I am not as essential part of !MOOZ process as I imagined. Work goes on, ideas go on and if necessary, we can always sit down for a meeting in my own family place. Thank you team. eriks


  • 14. oct. 2015 by: !Mooz

    Exactly one week broken hip kept Eriks from advertising. As you can see (if looking closely) - he’s back and running! Since brainstorms are held in his (supercool...) place, we can always be sure he’ll show up. (Not that it has been a problem before.)


  • 21. sep. 2015 by: !Mooz

    Possum sharing experience of working in Latinworks, Austin and with Sergio Alcocer in particular. Sushi included.


  • 28. aug. 2015 by: !Mooz