Designer Wanted
23. jan. 2017 Posted by Eriks



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2017. Very small thing.
03. jan. 2017 Posted by Eriks

And we wish you this graphically tiny yet socially big difference in new year 2017. And year after. And another year after. And beyond.


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13. dec. 2016 Posted by Eriks

A small sneak into my speech in Tallinn. I did it for Tallink group guys – Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Norway. Just a week before I noticed some airline campaign telling me that it is 14 times faster to get to Stockholm by plane than by ferry. It provoked some thoughts, like I’d rather spend 14 hours as free-range chicken than one hour being stuffed in a industrial chicken farm’
And so it went… Thank you for inviting and excellent organisation.


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Nice try
31. oct. 2016 Posted by Eriks

There’s a theory that these buns and pastries are secretly paid by DDB with an intention to make us fat and lazy. And die of cardiac arrest. These sweet things appear again every morning, but no one’s ever seen paying for them.


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Olympic Games
20. sep. 2016 Posted by Eriks

Mooz! has two projects that are related to the Olympic Games. The Latvian Olympic team is supported by Latvian State Forests, which is one of our clients, and our Paralympic team is supported by the Citadele Bank, ditto. Here we can see what we did together with Radio Latvia in producing comics which speak to the way in which nature inspired the development of sports. Learning all of these facts was a most educational process for our team. We’re much more fun now at parties! More about project here.


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Still angry, still alive
17. jun. 2016 Posted by Eriks

Well, here we are again!  This is the Road Traffic Safety Department’s annual campaign to prevent drunk driving. This is a problem that we face every year, particularly during Summer Solstice celebrations, and so we’re looking for more and more ways to stop drunk people getting into their cars. During the shooting of this clip, the couple had to cross the meadow at least 20 times, and the drunk guy had to fall into the barn at least 10 times. How tough! But so totally worth it!

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Graphic designer wanted
28. apr. 2016 Posted by Eriks



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The practical side of advertising
21. apr. 2016 Posted by Vita

We all want our projects to be effective by all means, don’t we. Therefore this class for LADC students - a short glimpse in the backstage of cost accounting. Why the hourly rates are so high, how to see all the expenses and why finally everything costs a little bit more than expected. What is the drawback - there is no need to charge high prices for extra profits, but "what is earned - that is eared" and should go to the project developers. Just don’t be afraid to speak to your customers about money. The more often you do during the cooperation, the better it works for both sides. Just like any relationship.

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  • by: Psyop

    Day 2 from Psyop #typography extraordinaire @Anenocena! #36DaysOfType #B

  • by: Psyop

    More @Chobani goodness for everyone who loved our wild throwback spot yesterday! Part 2 --

  • by: Psyop

    Making up for lost time with a Day 1 creation from Psyoper @Anenocena! #36DaysOfType #A

  • by: Sabīne

    Just posted a photo @ Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

  • by: Sabīne

    Kristians teica, ka jāver mute vaļā, kad fotogrāfē. Viņam viena modele tā mācījusi

  • 23. feb. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Meklējam jaunu kolēģi, ar ko kopā radīt interesantākos projektus Latvijā.

  • 24. jan. 2017 by: !Mooz

    !Mooz's cover photo

  • 24. jan. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Aicinām darbā MĀKSLINIEKU / DIZAINERI ar pieredzi reklāmā. CV un portfolio, lūdzu, sūtiet uz DEADLINE: 3.februāris.

  • 13. jan. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Vakardienas uzstāšanās LTRK "Viss, ko es zinu par reklāmu un dzīvi 7200 sekundēs" Neapdomīgi paziņotais virsraksts uzlika kaudzi ar pienākumiem un ellīgu cīņu ap saturu. Bet te ir.

  • 05. jan. 2017 by: !Mooz

    Jauns gads, jaunas iespējas! Piemēram, strādāt par projektu vadītāju MOOZ!ā. Meklējam cilvēku ar pieredzi reklāmā vai/un mārketingā. CV un pieteikuma vēstules gaidīšu līdz 13.janvārim. Sabīne