Nature Inspires Us!
Latvia's State Forests
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The Olympic games are a perfect reason to remind ourselves about how nature inspires all human activities. Working with Radio Latvia, we produced a series of comics to show that nature is the best coach in almost any area of sports. Nature supports sports, and Latvian State Forests supports the Latvian Olympic team.

The cycle of stories “Nature Inspires Us!” is offered by Radio Latvia and Latvian State Forests.  
Many wushu styles are inspired by nature. The most famous ones are the Five Animals produced by master Bai Yufeng in the 13th century. These include the dragon, which trains the spirit, the tiger, which strengthens bones, the leopard, which develops strength, the serpent, which provides qi energy, and the crane, which accumulates life energy. It seems that each animal can teach something worthwhile to an athlete.
We support our own – the Latvian Olympic team!

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