If you drink, don't drive!
Road Traffic Safety Department
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In a country where alcohol consumption among adults is one of the highest in Europe, drunk driving seems unavoidable. Especially when the use of alcoholic beverages is even promoted in national folksongs. We took a song that is often described as our second anthem even though the song itself is about a heavy drinker. We chose a verse that most likely describes the situation and visualised it with images that show the consequences of drunk driving. Even though the ad was all over the media, the highest point was reached in the XXV latvian nationwide song and dance festival of 2013 when 40,000 singers from over 1,000 choirs came together like they do once every 4 years to sing the song thus making the campaign even more effective.


In order to prevent drunk driving during the biggest Latvian Midsummer celebration we created a simple tool: send a text to your drunken friend if he/she attempts to drive while intoxicated. By entering friend’s name and phone number the recipient got the SMS from his/her future self.
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