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The challenge of Futuris case was to sell a new built house during real estate crisis. To make it more challenging – Rigans are not welcoming to new projects in historical district even if they fit well and are designed by best architects. “Scare them, then calm them”.
We made visualizations of crazy, provocative and architecturally dominant buildings placed in the most recognizable and historically sensitive areas of Riga. “Riga will be new Dubaii”, said headline. We leaked these pictures to the internet as well as posted “Construction in progress” posters on walls with visualizations of projects “to be finished in 2014”. Along with the buzz we put discussion on TV featuring architects, city-planners, historians and media. They all came to conclusion “We don’t need this kind of architectural future”. “Well, what kind of furure we do need, then?”. “Calm, fitting in, harmonizing, non-exhibitionist one”. “Like this, for instance? (showing Futuris)”. Yes, exactly like this!” “Thank you very much, that’s what we think too!”
Forty-two of sixty apartments were reserved within two months time, and this is very outdated information, since our ability for creating campaigns is considerably greater than updating our home-page.

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