Celies Un Ej
Org. "For Latvian Language"
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Three weeks before the referendum on Russian as the second national language, polls showed that 43.3% of Latvia’s eligible voters had decided they would not participate in the referendum or did not know if they would participate. On February 9, together with the organization “For Latvian Language” we began the campaign “Get Up and Go!” with the goal to encourage Latvia’s citizens to get off the sidelines and express their opinion.

Within a couple of weeks and with the help of many volunteers, impressive results were attained. Our appeal was widely distributed, a press conference was organized and the advertising for the campaign created. Profiles were created in the social networks – facebook.com, draugiem.lv and on twitter.com where we inserted the campaign’s spokespersons – photos of well known Latvians and their invitation to participate in the referendum. The response was unexpectedly high – actor Andris Keiss’ photo and invitation were shared more than 500 times within a couple of days and the results of the referendum surpassed all expectations – 74.8% of all Latvia’s eligible voters participated. 

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