Latvijas Krājbanka
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It was my great pleasure to work with Maestro Raimonds Pauls – unarguably the most well-known Latvian person. Not just composer, not just pianist, but the most known and respected person. On the account of the Latvian Savings bank. So we didn't need much. 1) We needed the Maestro. 2) The best Steinway & Sons available and 3) The best cameraman and a hell of a good recording system. At 75 years old, the Maestro was 100% cooperative, precise and hardworking until the shot was perfect. I couldn’t think of any copy at first, but then the word "together" flowed into my mind. The bank celebrated its 85th birthday.  If you have known each other for 50 years, you don't need many words. "Together" is enough.

And don't ask us how we got the Maestro. His first words were "I agreed to advertise only once. The year was 1972, soviet times, and I was forced to play and praise a very bad piano called "Riga". All musicians laughed at me for 5 years.” Truly a historical campaign for Latvian, Baltic and Russian audiences. We searched for footage, we couldn't find any besides old analogue TV concert Betas or even Mini DVs. Maybe this one is even the only piece of material shot as art, on film, in highest quality, all in detail, with our best ever crew. We've got 40 minutes, which we cut into 60", 40" and 20".

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