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Bank of Georgia
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One of our most recent projects included two weeks shooting of 3" video in Georgia. It started out as a song, and ended up as advertising for the Bank of Georgia. It was an amazing experience shooting with high-speed camera up to 8000 FPS. Basically, it took us all back to our childhoods when every single thing was about to reveal a secret, when details mattered, when the world was built out of sheer miracles. Name of the song we did video was "I color you". And orange color as the key element. Dealing with Georgian friends is another story; full of joy, sincerity and wine. Some mass punch up at the filming site? No problem! BTW, since there was not a single high-speed camera available at the moment... What did the Georgians do? Right! They bought one. USD 150,000 (ARRI lens not included). That's what I call "Just do it." 

TVC production process
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