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Ivars Godmanis is Latvia's first Prime Minister. But that's not all. In his youth, Godmanis was the drummer in a famous group and one of the first in Latvia to promote rock 'n' roll risking jail in the process, because the country was still behind the Iron Curtain back then.

With the approach of the European Parliament elections we wanted to show that with the intractable Godmanis at the helm, Latvia would be an equal player to the big European nations in the European Parliament.
And the best way to show this was by showing his set with Queen where the other musicians are
playing according to the rhythm set by Godmanis.

Queen gave a concert in Latvia, Riga, 2008.
They got to know our Prime Minister is a good and respected drummer.
They asked if Mr. Godmanis could join in for one song.
He was happy to agree, since it was his life's dream (now without Freddy, though)
He did it, and Queen' s TV staff filmed the event

So, when the European Parliament elections came, we just used the ready-made footage showing Mr. Godmanis behind the drums.

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