What we are
There are creative, integrated, digital, design, consulting and communication agencies. We are often called "human" agency. We believe in human connections rather that techniques and technologies. We still have our physical bodies, don't we? Technologies don't build people. People build technologies. That's us – humans – starting friendships, falling in love, giving birth to children, creating ideas and things. Great conversations lead to great relationships. That's what we do.
The crowd we trust in
Nobody knows who he is. He’s here when we arrive and he’s still here when we leave.
The Bear
"I resign!"  "You can't. You're the boss." "… Goddamn!"
Creative Strategist
Responsible for making sure that everybody thinks we're the nice guys. It's hard work. Really bloody hard work.
The Possum
Head of Client Service
Always the good policewoman. Her smile is a tranquilizer and a stimulator all in one.
Account Manager
Since she arrived, we curse less, we smile more and our manners in general have improved. It was about the right time.
Account Manager
She’s like a flame should be, ads light and warmth to everything.
Art Director
Don’t worry! Mareks is doing your worrying for you.
Art Director
We're only sketches under Deniss’s pencil. He's our grumpy lightning and the renaissance of illustration.
Graphic Designer
Spacing and kerning make all designs burning, Our future is as strong as her legs are long.
Graphic Designer
If the system goes to Hell so does he. Once after a couple of beers he said "You know… It's not like Hell at all…"
Everything in the world has a technical solution. Everything except women; I hate mechanical women.
All people have two hands. The number of Kārlis' hands change depending on the work to be done.
Some super serious projects? But I came here to play!
Sound Producer
This man is a mystery and a myth already. But sound design is not for common people.
Junior sound producer
Ināriņa rises earliest of all and gets to work first. Mareks is the second to arrive and this breaks his heart.
Office Beautician
Do we need you?
The crowd we are looking for

Do we need you? 

Yes, we need you - the good & the talented. We are looking for you - the self-motivated, smart idealist, who appreciates the rock 'n' roll above the routine, the idea space above the media space and passion above idleness. I hear your question: "Do zoom! people earn well?" 

Yes, they do. But they all follow The Rule: 

"I want to be the best. And only afterwards the richest." 

If you're a pro who has read every book out there, but is missing that vital spark of passion - we'll have to say "No". 

If you've got the wildest ideas, but have never got a single ad or even a poster done - we'll have to say "No". 

We don't have time to teach you the basics. 

If you can do a better ad than those on this website, the answer will be "Yes". 

If you can write better copy than this one (it's crap, honestly), the answer will be "Yes". 

You may get rejected at the first time. And maybe - the second time. Not because we're arrogant. It's just because we strive for the best. So don't get pissed off. Keep nagging. Read annuals. Watch reels. Polish your portfolio. Try again. Don't worry - we're all students here. Dan Wieden is one too. And Dave Droga is. And Alex Bogusky. Great ads come to those who never stop learning. Who never say "That's it! Now I'm smart enough!" Great ads come to those who make great mistakes to discover great truths. The doors are open!